Software Development & Management Consulting

BJB 010

Technical expertise in architecture, detailed design, and implementation of web-based applications from concept through finished product, user experience through database. High security, high volume, high availability, SaaS, enterprise and consumer, single-page JavaScript applications with AJAX-driven back end services in Java, PHP, or other language, supported by SQL and or NoSQL databases.

Management expertise in product strategy, feature definition, staffing, product roadmaps, internal and external presentations, engineering management, agile product development process, and inter-disciplinary team relationships and efficiency.

Bennett Barouch has experience from software engineer to VP of Engineering at several startups, and in established, larger companies, spanning the domains of circuit design automation, compiler technology, secure networking, IT management systems, financial software, and consumer software, almost always in the form of high transaction volume and big data systems. His customers run from individual retail consumers to the largest companies in the world.

Bennett has been certified in ITIL, and as both a Scrum Master and a Scrum Product Owner, as well as being an experienced hands-on engineer and leader.

Teams led by Bennett created products that:

  • Supported millions of transactions per month in the world's largest cloud-based authentication system for remote networking, with zero end-user visible outages in over four years of always-on service.
  • Provided consumer and business products in a wide range of vertical markets.
  • Produced work that was written up in Scientific American, won numerous awards, and became part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution, for Outstanding Achievement in Information Technology.
  • Contributed to successful acquisition and IPO events.
  • Provided value to consumers and businesses, earning value for shareholders.