Software engineers from new grads to architect level contributors

  • eBay is revitalizing itself, including a complete change in how the site operates. This includes radical changes to data modeling, new architectures, new software and new machine learning projects. The Structured Data group is a foundation stone in this revolution.
  • This is literally a once in a career type of oportunity to work on the hottest technology in a humane environment with competitive compensation. eBay is a Fortune 500 company that still cares about people. Most of what is sold on eBay is new-in-the-box, and sold for a stated price, not at auction. Help transform the perception and the reality of what we do, as we provide a platform that allows allows millions of ordinary people to supplement their income or be in business for themselves and employ others. eBay is democratizing capitalism, putting business ownership in the hands of ordinary people making little or no investment.

Hourly rate. Apply by email: bennett@bjbarouch.com