"In addition to working on critical technical assignments, Bennett has been an invaluable source of information and advice on how to scale AdmissionWise. He has helped us better define and differentiate our products, target appropriate customers, hire and train new staff, and create a viable timeline to introduce new products. In a nutshell, his capacity to map his years of experience in high tech software companies to this entirely different domain is genuinely impressive. When we discuss an idea either one of us has introduced, his openness and knowledge contribute to exciting, productive explorations, and to conclusions the company can implement. I recommend him highly to any business in search of guidance on strategy, execution, or both, whether tackling current problems or growing the business."
      — Annie Roskin, CEO & President

"Bennett was a technical advisor to Systems In Motion in establishing an agile applications development practice. In this role, he was instrumental in developing the baseline for the practice, benchmarking it against global services organizations, and reviewing the current engineering practices at the company. He did a very effective job and exceeded my expectations."
      — Neeraj Gupta, CEO

"As a technical advisor to ReReply, Bennett has been instrumental in evaluating technologists and technology. Early on, when I was searching for technical co-founders (one of whom became my CTO), Bennett provided straightforward feedback about how they could be best utilized, and how they would fit in with the company, as we became a larger organization. At one point, I was considering a merger with someone with a much stronger technical background. Bennett quickly pointed out flaws (the technology was closer to an experiment than a product) as well as helping me clearly see if I wanted to work with the person. While we could tell the mergee was clearly brilliant, it didn't make sense as a business decision. Bennett's insight helped me get clarity quickly. Bennett has both strong technical and business sense, and can converse skillfully with both types of people and organizations. I consider myself very lucky to have had him on my team."
      — Jason Wong, CEO

"I hired Bennett to lead the ISE Platform Engineering team at Cisco after a long and very careful search. Bennett clearly stands out as a team player and always tries to optimize for the needs of the business unit over his own team. His strong communication skills and diverse background prepare him well for the challenges one faces as an engineering leader."
      — Pramod Badjate, Sr. Director

"I found Bennett to be a clear thinker and communicator, with a very pragmatic approach to solving problems. He deeply understands the scrum/agile approach to software engineering and is a capable team leader and people manager. As a colleague, Bennett was a great partner and collaborator."
      — Mike Nappi, VP of Engineering

"Bennett is a very senior engineering leader with strong technical expertise. He is analytical, goal oriented, and data driven. Bennett has always been quality conscious, process oriented, yet pragmatic in balancing the same with the business needs. At ServiceNow he has built a solid QA team ground up in a very short period of time, implemented Scrum, and streamlined the development and release processes — significantly enhancing the quality of the product releases. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Bennett again."
      — Kranthi Ravi, Sr. Director

"I was impressed with how fast Bennett was able to take full ownership. Bennett is a very experienced VP of engineering and this shows in his daily work – quickly reacting to events, understating the full situation, communicating with customers as well as employees and taking thoughtful decisions. Bennett is also hard working, very dedicated and a great person to work with. I would love to work with him again."
      — Moti Eliav, VP of Engineering

"Bennett is an outstanding Vice President of Engineering who excels at building and managing high performance teams to deliver scalable software products and solutions. He is not only an excellent technologist, but understands the business needs and has always been a great bridge between engineering and business. He is a great manager, skilled in managing distributed teams and leads his teams from the front, taking ownership to ensure schedules are met. He will be a valuable asset to any organization he joins."
      — Shailesh Nivsarkar, VP of Business Development

"Bennett is a sensational leader, thinker and person. Bennett came to Yodlee and helped us mature as an organization by successfully introducing new methodologies while keeping us productive. Despite overseeing a very large team, Bennett always takes the extra time to keep his team happy and motivated; always taking the time for one-on-ones with not only his direct reports, but their reports as well. During this time he is genuine, inquisitive and provides invaluable feedback. This extra effort means Bennett is always on top of all of myriad of activities across the organization, and is always able to manage, lead, design and make the decisions that cause us to succeed. I would work in an organization led by Bennett any time."
      — David Azaria, UI Manager

"I highly recommend Bennett as a VP of Engineering, he is a strong manager and leader for a development organization. He has a deep understanding of the technical side of product development balanced by awareness of business needs, which is very valuable in making the tough decisions and trade-offs necessary to deliver product to market. In addition to his technical abilities, he has a talent for hiring strong candidates and developing the potential in his team. He and his team are one of the best I have worked with."
      — Mike Ehlers, VP of Product Management

"Bennett is one of the best engineering leaders I have worked with. He has a well-deserved reputation within his team as being a great boss and mentor. He blends business savvy, great hiring skills, and people management skills that have created a world-class and highly loyal engineering department. He gets powerful results by empowering his team, treating them well, and ensuring that they understand the underlying business problems. He is the real deal when it comes to looking for an engineering head that can grow and cultivate a team."
      — Theresa Bui Friday, Founder, and VP of Marketing

"Bennett is the best VP of Engineering I've worked for. He is able to keep his teams focused on achieving the objectives needed by the business while maintaining a high level of morale – even when times are difficult. He is excellent at keeping his staff lean and high-performing. He is decisive, articulate and a terrific person to work for."
      — Larry Hartsook, Architect

"Bennett joined Palamida and orchestrated a re-architecting of the flagship product and drove the creation of the new vulnerability and workflow solutions that substantially differentiated the company in the market. He consistently hired good developers and created a loyal and motivated team environment. Bennett also contributed to the marketing messages, was great with customers, and provided constructive feedback to the organization."
      — Rick Oswald, VP of Sales

"I worked as a peer of Bennett's at iPass where we worked together to deliver solutions to prospects and customers. Bennett distinguishes himself from others in his role through a focus on strong methodology while also maintaining understanding of the needs of other departments and most importantly the customer. He has outstanding customer facing skills and commands a strong ability to build trust and confidence even in the most challenging of customer situations. I recommend Bennett for any technology leadership function requiring a disciplined approach to facilitating results and knowledgeable and personable interaction with internal and external customers."
      — Jim McGuire, VP of Sales

"Bennett was a creative and dedicated VP of Engineering for iPass, I enjoyed the personal interaction, and getting the work done with a focus on quality and timeliness to market need."
      — John Charters, COO

"Bennett is a very technically-oriented engineering manager, who knows how to strike the right balance between delivering on-time and delivering a quality product. I enjoyed working with Bennett at iPass and at General Magic."
      — Barbara Nelson, CTO

"Bennett is an experienced technologist, manager and strategist. At iPass he was able to take a small engineering team and quickly build it into a solid organization that could be counted on to deliver multiple client and server releases each year, while keeping staff turnover low. He has a strong understanding of the balance between offshoring vs. maintaining control of projects. He also is a strong planner who knows how to work with a CFO proactively and effectively – a good communicator."
      — Don McCauley, CFO

"Bennett is a results oriented VP who gives you the liberty to think out of the box & be creative in your work. He is very knowledgeable, disciplined & meticulous in his approach. He is compassionate, always leads from the front & is an excellent mentor. Given an opportunity I would love to work with him again."
      — Mahendra Gianchandani, Director of Engineering

"I reported to Bennett for over two years while working at iPass, and then worked with him again at Yodlee. Bennett is an excellent leader. He is a creative thinker who works to ensure his vision and expectations are clear – an important characteristic for a boss. He is also a great mentor. I learned a lot from Bennett about integrity within the software development process – quality engineering as a discipline, across all organizations, not just QA."
      — Diana Westnedge, QA Manager

"Bennett's leadership and team building skills were instrumental in establishing an environment of success – although my team and I were located in a remote office, it never felt that way as Bennett’s guidance was always present. I deeply respect Bennett's ability to effectively manage highly technical teams and drive productivity. It was a pleasure working for Bennett and I would enjoy working with him again in the future should the opportunity arise."
      — Alan Hand, Director of Engineering

"Bennett joined Comergent during a period of rapid growth. We were trying to make the leap from early startup to serious player. Bennett immediately grasped the complexities of the situation and instilled the needed structure and discipline to help make that transition. He instilled consistency and predictability in our engineering approach and scheduling. At the same time he was able to make the difficult pragmatic decisions that are sometimes necessary in a young company. I would gladly work for Bennett again."
      — Scott Philips, Manager