BJBarouch Software Development & Management Consulting

Bennett Barouch, Senior Software Executive


Technical expertise in architecture, high level and detailed design, and implementation of high security, high volume, high availability SaaS and locally hosted, enterprise and consumer-facing applications and backends from concept through finished product, from user experience through data persistence.

Management expertise in product strategy, feature definition, staffing, product roadmaps, internal and external presentations, engineering management, agile product development process, and inter-disciplinary team relationships and efficiency.

Certified in ITIL Foundations, and as both a Scrum Master and a Scrum Product Owner, as well as being an experienced hands-on engineer and leader.

My career has spanned more verticals than most people’s, companies in their early days through IPO and publicly traded, and in sizes from a handful of employees to Fortune 500 corporations. Alongside the relatively few yet important distinguishing things about different companies and product lines, this breadth has enabled me to distill and apply a core set of principles that pertain to software development almost regardless of circumstances. That is as important as what teams led by me have accomplished, and is one of the reasons they have made those accomplishments.


eBay, San Jose, CA 2017 – current
Sr. Director of Structured Data Engineering

We enable tens of millions of people to supplement their income, or go into business for themselves, with little or no capital investment. We are democratizing capitalism. The computer science at eBay sustains over a billion items for sale. Contributed to the development of a novel graph-based data store to function at that scale. I expanded the scope and quality of data acquisition, and helped improve orchestration of traditional programming and machine learning steps to process that data. I have maintained high productivity in a globally distributed team that endured multiple re-orgs as well as changes in strategy. Our most senior engineering contributors seek me out regularly for mentoring, as do some in product management. I managed people in Canada, the UK, Sweden, Israel, and the US.

arouch Consulting, San Francisco, CA 2014 – 2017

Conceived and built an information management system for college counseling agencies. Filling all roles from product manager to database developer, I determined goals, features, Ux, UI, architecture, design, and implementation, producing a highly secure, responsive layout, single-page application. The head of the agency that contracted the work continues to be impressed with how much value it has brought, saying she could not run the company without it. I also provided consulting with respect to market stratification, product development, and staff training.

Cisco, San Jose, CA 2013 – 2014
Director of Engineering

With ISE serving as an enhanced AAA server at the heart of the network's security, employees and visitors can BYOD (bring your own device) and get onto the network while allowing each user access to only that portion of the network and those devices permitted to them based on who they are, where they are, what device they are using, the state of the device, and other situational factors. I managed people in Israel and the US.

ServiceNow, San Jose, CA 2011 – 2012
Vice President of Engineering, Platform Group

IT trouble ticketing, inventorying, and change management. Established the company's first-ever QA team, and first-ever security engineering team. Eliminated over half of a huge inherited load of backlogged defects and produced the company's most reliable release to that date. I managed people in Northern and Southern California.

Yodlee, Redwood Shores, CA 2009 – 2010
Vice President of Engineering

Consumer-facing web-based financial software. Established the company's first-ever architecture team, and mentored an entire set of just-promoted, remote, inexperienced managers while transitioning from waterfall to agile methodologies. Implemented a plugin architecture that allowed third parties to add apps that make use of the company's financial data-mining engine. I managed people in India and the US.

Palamida, San Francisco, CA 2006 – 2009
Vice President of Engineering & Product Management

Detection of open source software within commercial code bases, to enable license compliance, and vulnerability patching. Transformed a one-person PC-based tool into a three-tier enterprise system, created an entirely new UI, and brought an 18-month data mining process down to a monthly cycle. Created from scratch a new product that alerted customers to CVE vulnerabilities in their code base. Transitioned the company to Scrum, greatly increasing transparency and reliability of development.

iPass, Redwood Shores, CA 2002 – 2006
Vice President of Engineering

World's largest enterprise-grade, secure, remote network (MVNO). Not a single user-visible outage on millions of connections per month running over networks operated by hundreds of independent providers, created and installed a replacement for the customer billing and vendor payment system with zero business disruption, completely re-architected the consumer-facing Windows client software, improved stability in backend servers, vetted and acquired two companies, adding unspoofable machine identification for IT policy enforcement regarding the device, and as transparent two-factor authentication for the user. I managed people in India, Israel, Southern, and Northern California.

Comergent Technologies, Redwood Shores, CA 2000 – 2002
Vice President of Engineering

Web-based channel sales applications enabling enterprises to sell over the net without dis-intermediating desired partners for showrooms, installation, support, and sales. Produced the company's first-ever on-time releases, and vastly improved teamwork between product management and engineering.

General Magic, Sunnyvale, CA 1995 – 2000
Vice President of Engineering & Operations, Siri-like software 11 years before Siri
Director of Engineering, Siri-like software 11 years before Siri
Senior Manager, Personal info manager and web-based applications
Manager, Compiler (interpreter), and device-embedded OS and application development
Senior Engineer, Compiler (interpreter) development

Led development of virtual personal assistant technology that became the basis of MyTalk 11 years before Siri. The same core technology also became the first instance of voice-based assistance in the OnStar service from General Motors. This work was made part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute, for Outstanding Achievement in Information Technology. Helped develop a write-once and run anywhere interpreted language in the same time frame as the first releases of Java. Designed and implemented a multi-platform build system, reduced time from spec to release, simultaneously reducing bug count and increasing release pace to every three weeks instead of every few months. In addition to local teams, managed a vendor producing a significant subset of the work.

Cadence Design Systems, San Jose, CA 1990 – 1994
Manager, Compiler support, software development tools and process
Engineer, Circuit design automation

Created software that was novel at that time – making the mouse cursor track plotted graphs and read out specific data points. Designed and implemented a hierarchical design language for analog ciruits. Became the founding manager of an inter-departmental group to establish standard tools and processes across a globally distributed software company that grew largely by acquisition of disparate product lines, technologies, and cultures. Supported use of and provided some debugging of the AT&T C++ pre-processor when that was state of the art. Participated in an ANSI standards meeting for C++, brought in the company's first-ever performance analysis tool, major contributor to design of company-wide product documentation standards and development processes.

Hughes Aircraft Micro-Electronics Center, Carlsbad, CA 1984 – 1989
Engineer, Digital circuit design automation

Software for designing application-specific integrated circuits for use in the US space satellite program. Co-invented and solely implemented an interpreter for a language expressing complex digital circuitry in a manner that enabled less experienced electrical engineers to leverage rules and pre-built modules created by more senior contributors. Produced a patented methodology for QA-ing chips made with focused ion beam that prevented international sabotage and helped win a multi-million-dollar contract.

Publications & Patents

"MAP — A Parameterized Module Generator System Oriented to IC Designers", Scott Powell and Bennett Barouch, IEEE 1987 Custom Integrated Circuits Conference.

"A Signal Tracking Chip Utilizing A VHSIC CMOS/SOS Structured Custom Design Methodology", Eby Friedman, et al., Government Microcircuit Applications Conference, Nov 1986 Digest of Papers.

Patent-applied user extensible expression evaluator that supports concurrent independent name spaces, hierarchical data structures, and user controlled varying degrees of evaluation, useful in electronics component definitions, annotation, simulation, and behavioral modeling. (The company scrapped its patent program while this was in process so the patent was not issued.)

Patent Number 5,121,335, a method for QA testing and for maintaining the secrecy of integrated circuits manufactured with focused ion beam, X-ray, laser, and other techniques, and in need of protection against international or industrial espionage. Hughes Division Award for Invention, for work covered by above patent.

Led work that became part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute, for Outstanding Achievement in Information Technology, 1999.

Articles in International Spectrum (professional journal for multi-value, NoSQL database developers). Keynote and session speaker at International Spectrum Conference.